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If you love shopping then Fantasy Shopper is your new online addiction!

Fantasy Shopper is a fun new website where you get to fulfill all of your shopping fantasies!

In Fantasy Shopper you can visit iconic fashion cities from all over the world spending your Fantasy Money (£*) as you go. Buy clothes for your online wardrobe and then use them to create outfits that you can share with your friends

Follow other Fantasy Shoppers to see what they are shopping for and keep up with all the latest fashion trends from all over the world.

It's a Game!!

Compete with your friends for fashionista kudos and show the world your love of shopping!

In Fantasy Shopper you have a limited amount of Fantasy Money (£*s) to spend and there are different ways of earning more. Complete challenges and unlock the many different badges available to win more £*s and enter outfit contests for extra prizes like discount codes and shopping vouchers.

Fantasy Shopper works closely with leading celebrity gossip, fashion magazines and retailers so keep an eye out for the sponsored contests as the prizes are awesome!

It's a Utility!!

Fantasy Shopper is your new one stop shop for all your fashion needs!

There are over 200 fashion retailers on Fantasy Shopper providing over 3 million different items of clothing, shoes and handbags!

Never again will you need to create multiple wishilists on shopping websites as you can now store it all in your online wardrobe that you can share with your friends.

Follow friends and fashion celebrities to see what they are currently Fantasy Shopping and stay up to date with global fashion trends in real time!